Rightly famous for its medical spa and spa tourism, Hajdúszoboszló is the most popular spa resort in Eastern Hungary. The town of Hajdúszoboszló is located 202 km east of Budapest, and 20 km southwest of Debrecen, at the edge of Hortobágy Puszta.

The town has the largest thermal bath complex in Europe. The Hajdúszoboszló Hungarospa, the open-air-bath, the outdoor Aquapark – the first water amusement park in Hungary – and the Aqua-Palace Indoor Adventure Spa are directly connected to one another. The micro-climate of the spa and its surrounding spa park makes more and more people recover with its humid air containing iodine and salt.  Visitors have a good chance to relax and recreate here, in one of the sunniest towns of Hungary. The number of hours of sunshine reaches, or sometimes even exceeds, two thousand hours on an annual average.

A unique feature of the park in front of the thermal bath is the Bell House inaugurated in the millennium year. It is a spectacular architectural composition by Zoltán Rácz, providing a befitting frame for the unusual aluminium alloy bells.

One of the town’s most notable monuments is the XV century Protestant Church on Calvin square. Its surrounding fortified walls are perhaps the most valuable heritage structures in town. The murals of the Roman Catholic Church in Hajdúszoboszló recall the history of the town including the history of the spa. Pope John Paul II visited the building when he was the Archbishop of Krakow. The Bocskai Museum is also interesting with its folk art collection.

Of course, the neighbourhood of Hajdúszoboszló provides a wide variety of cultural attractions. One of them is the most famous Hungarian steppe or grass plain which received designation as a World Heritage Site.
The unique natural and  cultural values of the National Park Hortobagy have been preserved in the form of a national park. The protected area invites us to take a few excursions here, but visiting Debrecen also provides many attractions.
Hajdúszoboszló offers a wide variety of programmes for visitors throughout the year. Each month is designated to a special cultural event like: the Meeting of Hajdú Towns, the Szoboszló Carnival, the Szoboszló Medieval Games, the Szoboszló Dixiland Days, the Szoboszló Folk Weekend, the Horse Race, the Szoboszló Bio Food and Wine Festival, and the outdoor theatre. Apart from these programmes, a beer tent is set up next to the outdoor theatre during the summer months attracting thousands of visitors and families by offering live music entertainment at nights. Facilities offered to children are: air castles, jumpers, skilled games, rodeo, foosball, and a variety of simulators. In the beer tent, famous people will be on the stage providing entertainment for families after bathing.

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